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Athens, GA and Loganville, GA Solar Services

Henson Mechanical HVAC & Plumbing - Athens, GA and Loganville, GA Solar Services

If you had a never ending supply of free energy ripe for the picking, why wouldn’t you take it? We imagine that this is a question homeowners using solar energy in their homes find themselves asking all the time. Solar energy is nothing new; it has, obviously, been around and enjoyed as long as the sun has been shining. Harnessing that energy and making use of it in the household, though, is a field and industry that has really gained momentum in recent years. If you are interesting in putting solar energy in Athens, GA and Loganville, GA to good use, contact Henson Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today. We have the products and services you need to start powering your home in a more efficient, environmentally friendly manner.

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Why Consider Going Solar in Athens, GA and Loganville, GA?

Fossil fuels are a very effective way in which to heat your home and power your appliances. However, it can be quite costly to do so. Despite this, many homeowners have reservations about the solar services we offer. Much of this is due to misconception about how solar energy works.

First of all, solar energy is not only useful to heat your home. By using photovoltaic solar panels, you can absorb solar energy and convert it to electricity. If you are concerned about cloudy days and the effect that they’ll have on your comfort and convenience, don’t be. Solar energy can be stored for later use, and many homeowners actually choose to supplement existing systems with solar energy. When there is sufficient solar energy it is prioritized, and when not a backup system can pick up the slack. Choosing solar in Athens, GA and Loganville, GA is a great way to boost energy efficiency and reduce your environmental impact.

Athens, GA and Loganville, GA Solar Services to Consider

You may be surprised to learn just how much solar energy can offer your home. There are a number of different applications to consider. Here are a few you may want to take advantage of in your home. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you make use of the sun that is always shining in the sky, contact our Athens, GA and Loganville, GA solar experts today.

Solar Water Heater Installation

Everyone needs to heat water in their homes. How you choose to do so can have a big impact on your budget. With a solar water heater, you can use the power of the sun to heat the water you need to bathe and do your dishes. Contact us if this is an idea that intrigues you. We carry a great selection of solar water heaters, and we are happy to help you determine which is right for your home.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Collecting energy from the sun and converting that energy into usable electricity is pretty incredible, when you think about it. With photovoltaic solar panels installed by our Athens, GA and Loganville, GA solar technicians, you can do just that. Why pay for electricity when you can pull it out of thin air? Call now and discuss the installation of PV solar panels on your property.

Solar Air Conditioning

You read that right: contrary to what you may think, the sun can actually be used to cool your home down. The Athens, GA and Loganville, GA solar air conditioning professionals at Henson Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning are all about innovation. We are skilled and highly trained in the installation and maintenance of solar air conditioners.

Whatever uses you may find for solar energy in Athens, GA and Loganville, GA, our team has the expertise necessary to get the ball rolling. Schedule service today.